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National projects at TTF
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National projects at TTF


University of Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology is conducting numerous scientific and technological projects which are listed according to their funding scheme.



1. Scientific projects funded by Ministry of Science,Education and Sports (MSES)


No of funded projects: 16


Project title

Project Leader


High performance textile materials and added-value fibres

Andrassy Maja


Interface Phenomena of Active Multifunctional Textile Materials

Grancarić Anamarija


Evolucijski algoritmi za optimiranje elektromagnetskog opterećenja okoliša

Grundler Darko


Alternative Eco-friendly Processing and Methods of Cellulose Modification

Katović Drago


Advanced Technical Woven Fabrics and Processes

Kovačević Stana


Ergonomic design of the worker-furniture-environment system

Mijović Budimir


Colours and Dyes in Processes of Ecologically Acceptable Sustainable Development

Osterman-Parac Đurđica


General Inequalities and Applications

Pečarić Josip


Multifunctional Human Protective Textile Materials

Pezelj Emira


Intelligent Garment and Environment

Rogale Dubravko


Multifuncional technical nonwoven and knitted textiles, composits and yarns

Skenderi Zenun


Ethics and Ecology in Textile Finishing and Care

Soljačić Ivo


Computational Modelling in Engineering Analyses of Textile and Garment

Šomođi Željko


The Investigation of New Multi-functional Dyestuff and Optical Brighteners

Tralić-Kulenović Vesna


Anthropometric Measurements and Adaptation of Garment Size Systems

Ujević Darko


Design and manufacture of nets for the protection of fruit and vegetables against hail

Vrljičak Zlatko



2. Scientific projects funded by the University of Zagreb Development Fund


No of funded projects: 1 Period: December 2011 - March 2013

Project title

Project Leader

Revitalisation of textile production of Spartium
juncem L. – Development of autochthon Croatian product: From weed to fabric

Zorana Kovačević



3. Scientific project funded by the Unity through knowledge and Ministry of Science Education and Sports of the Republic of Croatia, under the Connectivity scheme, 2A: Gaining Experience Grant


No of funded projects: 1 Period: February-May 2011

Project title

Project Leader

Antimicrobial functionalisation of PLA polymer

Marina Turalija



4. Scientific project funded by the Croatian Institute of Technology (CIT)


No of funded projects: 2

Project title

Project Leader

Adaptive patient mattress

Nikolić Gojko

Clothing with adaptive thermoinsulation properties

Rogale Dubravko



5. Technological projects funded by the Bussiness Innovation Center of Croatia


No of funded projects: 1

Project title

Project Leader

Non woven textile in acoustical interior design

Hudec Goran



5. Technological projects funded by the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund


No of funded projects: 3

Project title

Project Leader

Ethics and Ecology in Textile Finishing and Care Processes

Bokić Ljerka

Application of Microwave Energy in Environmentally Friendly Processes of Chemical Modification of Cellulose

Katović Drago

Optimisation of Industrial Laundering Processes

Pušić Tanja


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