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The brochure "Communicating EU Research & Innovation - A guide for project participants", has recently been published by the European Commission

This short guide gives you some examples of successful communication activities, offers a word of warning about commercial organisations seeking to sell their dissemination services and provides an elaborate checklist to help you develop a sound strategy for communication about your work.

For any questions about the brochure we remain at your disposal via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


On-line version is available via the Participant Portal
Communicating EU Research & Innovation - A guide for project      participants


A paper copy can be ordered via the EU Bookshop

A paper copy can be ordered via the EU Bookshop


Multiple paper copies should be ordered by sending a request to
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Alexandra RUETE
Communication Officer

European Commission
DG Research & Innovation
External and Internal Communication Unit






Panel discussion about popularization of science in Croatia was held

Panel discussion on theme „ Popularization of science- why Croatia need it?“ which was held on April the 4th 2013 in the ceremony room of Institut Ruđer Bošković ( IRB) has gathered a number of scienties, popularizers of sciens as well as prominent entrepreneurs and communication proffesionals. Panel discussion was supported by Ministry of science and technology, University of Zagreb and the city of Zagreb. Special guest was Robert Firmhofer, director of Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw, also the president of the European network of science centers and museums.

News picture

In the first part of event all seven participants held a ten- minute presentation on the popularization of science from their proffesional life's perspective.

Dunja Potočnik gave an overview of interesting statistics about the interest of young people in science and concluded:

„Research shows that young people of the age of 14 decide that they don't want to study, and what they don't want to be in future life. Therefore, popularization of science should primarily focus on children between the ages of 10 and 14.“

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Euro-Mediterranean Conference on Skills development and social dialogue in textile and clothing sector in the Euro-Mediterranean Area

On 10-11 April 2013 in Malta, the textile and clothing sector from the Euro-Mediterranean Area will discuss how social dialogue can address skill needs.

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Representatives of national administrations, industrial associations, trade union and educations centres in textile and clothing from the Euro-Mediterranean Area will:

• assess the industry's skills needs and expectations;
• debate how the national administrations can work together with social partners in solving the longstanding and growing skills mismatch;
• emphasise the creation of stable and sustainable job and business opportunities in the area.

Participants will try to answer these two key questions:

• How can we assure that available trainings and education curricula match the needs of textile and clothing companies in the Euro-Mediterranean Area?
• What can we do to enhance the skills development in the textile and clothing industry?

For the first time participants from Western Balkans are invited, too.
The event is organised with the support of the TAIEX instrument and the Malta Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Link to video: European Skills Council - Textile Clothing and Leather

For more information about the background and recent activities of the Euro-Mediterranean Dialogue on textile and clothing, please see:



Documents & links:

Draft programme

Registration for the conference



FameLab 2013

On Thursday, the 18th of April 2013 Zagreb's preliminary competition of Laboratory celebrating will be held. Laboratory celebrating  is the competition in presentation of scientific topics that young scientists and students of natural science and engineering faculty provides an opportunity for communication and popularization of science. Laboratory celebrating  in Croatia organises the Science Festival and the British Council in collaboration with a number of Croatian institutions. The event is organized with the financial support under the auspices of the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports. More information about the contest can be found here.


FameLab info HR.doc



Lecture: Schoeller: The Power of Innovation

Lecture, organized by Textile Science Research Centre (TSRC), University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology will be held on Wednesday at 11 am on 11.07.2012 in Savska 16/9, entitled:

Schoeller: The Power of Innovation.

The lecture will be held by Mrs. Dinka Liplin-Prpić, representative of Schoeller company in Croatia. She will present the latest products and technologies developed by their sister companies:

 1. Schoeller-wool (yarn manufacturer)

 2. Schoeller-textiles (manufacturer of laminate and fashion fabrics).


We look forward to seeing you!

Prof. Tanja Pušić, Head of Textile Science Research Centre
Prof. Sandra Bischof, Vice-Head of Textile Science Research Centre

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